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When it comes to staying inside Chennai , i.e regions other than OMR, your choices are pretty limited. Almost all the hotels that I have seen costs about Rs.4000 per night without taxes. Courtyard Marriott has a location advantage when it comes to hotels located close to US consulate. Its about a km away from the consulate and is right next to AG-DMS metro. I took a metro ride from the airport when I visited Courtyard. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport.

Not all fares at Courtyard Marriott offers morning breakfast. With breakfast, my stay for a night costed me 5200 Rupees including taxes. When you book using Marriott Bonvoy application, you can book your stay as a package with two way cab to US consulate. I would recommend doing so as the embassy is located fairly close by and its economical when you book an Uber. Booking the hotel was very easy especially when you are using Marriott Bonvoy application.

Check-in was flawless. Show them your ID cards, and you are all set to go. In my opinion, check-in could have been better. Check-in the first impression of the hotel, and I like the hotel when front desk staff is pretty enthusiastic about your visit. There is nothing  wrong with Check-in at Courtyard, but it was nothing special either. I have had better experiences.

The hotel was recently renovated. The rooms were pretty plush with all modern amenities. It strikes the right balance between high end luxury hotels and budget options. Unlike other hotels, this hotel had the option to connect my phones bluetooth audio with its television. I like to hear my music from a better audio system. Unlike bluetooth audio / alarm clock, this feature was handy. The TV had almost all the channels that I wanted to watch.

The bed was pretty comfy. Frankly I am not able to tell much of a difference between hotel beds although they mention it in every other reviews. The room does feature a lot of cupboards. Enough cupboards to keep all your bags.

The bathroom does not feature a bath tub. It does have a shower with hand shower. Nothing special there. Could have been better considering the price.

I checked out the hotel at 1 PM , standard check-out time is 12 PM. You could stretch it to about 2 PM but above that is purely at the discretion of the hotel. 

The included buffet breakfast was pretty standard. It was tasty. No complaints there. But I found most of the food items to be empty. Especially cold drinks. There was not a lot of staff around to help you out. The food was decent. There was not a lot of choices in dishes when it comes to buffet breakfast, but it was okay for me. There are better buffets, but in fairness those hotels costs more that Courtyard.

There is no swimming pool. Considering the price, it is a minus. At least for me. Other hotels around the region with comparable prices do have swimming pool.

In conclusion, it’s a decent option especially when you are choosing a hotel close to US consulate. I wouldn’t prefer staying there unless there is a reason to do so. For me, swimming pool is a huge setback.

Detroit Stay Review :

Ambience : 4/5

Comfort : 4/5

Features : 4/5

Hospitality : 3/5

Hotel Features : 2/5

Breakfast : 3/5

DetriotStays Review : 3/5


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