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It was a pleasant day. All of us were happy. It was a treat and everyone was excited to visit Black Pearl. It was one of the restaurants that I have wanted to visit for a very long time mainly because of its ” Pirates of Carribean ” theme. Who would not want to get on-board the “Black Pearl” ? Plus the hotel has a very good rating in Zomato, almost 4.8. It puts it on top of the best buffets in Chennai.

But in short, for this hotel my rating is 1 star. Why ? Read the story below.


It all started in the reception. Our table was reserved at 3:00PM and we reached the restaurant at 2:50. Yes, that’s 10 minutes early, but other buffet restaurants which I visited before does not mind us reaching there early. But the case in extremely different there. There was a crowd of people waiting there to be seated. And there was no one at the reception to answer to us. After 10 minutes, a lady came to the reception. I told her that I booked a table, and she marked that I have arrived in the mobile that she was carrying. She said nothing, absolutely nothing. She went away from the reception staring at her mobile. I understood that I had to wait for a while because there was already lot of people waiting there. The reception soon become crowded and we weren’t able to stand there. And after 15 minutes, the lady came back. I asked her when we would get the table, she just nodded her head and kept silent. Literally no answer. Get this Black Pearl, I understand that the hotel is crowded, but a pleasant reply from the receptionist would have made a lot of difference. I just expected an answer from you. A honest answer. Not a nod of head. 

Crowded Reception

And after 40 minutes, we finally got a table. A table that was not cleaned. I asked them to clean it and after making a face, the waiter cleaned the table. Note the time is now 3:30. After long 10 minutes, we got our plates. The time is now 3:40. It took 5 minutes after that to get 3 pieces each from prawns, fishes and chicken. The time now is 3:45. We had to ask 5 times to get water to our tables. 5 times again to get cutleries. 

We weren’t served any Mutton Sheek or Potatos or Corn or the basic starters. There were literally no one to answer our questions. No one to serve our complementary drinks. This is the first time we were still hungry when we went to main course. And the main course was empty too and we had to fill up with desserts and fruits. 

Yes, its 4 PM, but almost every buffets we went was by 3 PM and none had this issue. We had to return with half filled stomachs. There was no food for me so that I could write how good the food was. This is absolutely absurd. It was not just me, almost everyone who visited that day had the same issue. None was happy when they left the restaurant.

I wonder how the restaurant would have got 4.8 on Zomato with this kind of poor review. And I looked into it. Some gave negative reviews and the restaurant does not seem to be enthusiastic about those reviews. A few reply from my side to the management for the reply the gave for negative reviews.

Restaurant : “We can proudly say that we serve the maximum items in the buffet with maximum live counters.” 

Me : You might have the maximum items on the menu, but none was served.

Restaurant : ” The stewards will explain the concept note at the beginning of the meal as a part of out service standard.” 

Me : None gave us water. You are talking about explaining the concept note.

Restaurant : “We always have our executive chef along with floor manager to enhance the guest needs. It would have been great that if you would have raised your concern while dining for the better meal experience”

Me : Again, there was no one to serve us on the table. Take this, we left with our stomachs half filled, not because of the reason of food being bad, there was no one to give us any food. TAKE CARE OF THAT FIRST.

Dear Black Pearl, First impression is the best impression. The impression that I got from the receptionist was bad. But I thought the food might be good, that was bad, service was worst. Ambience was good, but other than that there is NOTHING. Make sure you serve the people who visit your hotel. 

Detroit Food Safari Rating :

Ambience : 3/5

Food : 1/5 (None Served)

Service : 1/5

Worth the money : 1/5 

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 1/5

Would I visit “The Black Pearl” again ? Absolutely not. 

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