Vasco’s – Hilton Chennai : Is the Buffet Worth it ?

Vasco’s. Its a kind of hotel that you would visit when occasion demands. Yes, Rs.1900 is too costly for regular dinner buffet. But if occasion asks, sometimes it makes the price seem reasonable. But does it ? 

Ekkatutangal is bit of a tricky place. If you are looking to have dinner in a calm and pleasant environment but you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, then there is literally no place for you to visit. Almost all the mid-priced restaurants in the region is too crowded, and at most times its not worth the money you spend there. All that’s left are high class, luxury dining options including Vasco at Hilton.

Price apart, how is the hotel ? The ambience is pretty soothing. Choose a window side table, you get the beautiful view of the always busy GST Road. Its peaceful and calm. In short it’s perfect. The staff is pretty helpful. They were pretty enthusiastic in explaining what is in the menu for the day, and its great. If you are dining alone and looking for someone to ask how was your day and have a casual conversation, there is always someone there. Vasco and particularly Hilton never let you feel alone, and I that’s what I love about them. A smile and a casual conversation of ” how was your day ?” would sometime make a lot of difference.

Kerala Cuisine Day

The menu was pretty extensive compared to other similarly priced buffets. Special dishes was prepared from a particular cuisine in India, like Kerala dishes on the day I visited. Along with dishes from almost every cuisine. Not all the items in the menu tasted good. The Pizza was especially bad, too much cheese and roasted till it got black. I couldn’t eat more than a piece. Noodles was pretty bad too. But rest of the items tasted pretty good.

The dessert was the highlight. Almost all of the desserts tasted like heaven. I never favour the desserts in buffets, but Vasco is an exception on this regard. Kudos to the chef who prepared it. 

Now coming to the point if its worth the money, if you are looking to celebrate a birthday party or some other occasions, then this might not be the spot for you ( Unless you are rich). But if you are for some pretty special occasions like get together after a long time or party for some special occasion, say you are getting married, then this might be your choice. Simply, if you are looking to dine as well as talk in peace, then Yes, this is worth the money.

Rating :

Ambience : 4/5

Food : 3/5

Hospitality : 5/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 4/5

Would I visit it again ? If it requires a luxury dining option, then Yes.

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