Sunset Grill for a Romantic Dinner

Looking for a perfect place to plan a birthday party ? Or looking for a special place to surprise someone ? Whatever the occasion may be , Sunset Grill sets a perfect ambience for a peaceful dinner for a small group.

I have been visiting Westin a lot recently. And that’s because it provides value for money, especially if you are Zomato Gold or Gormount Passport member. Sunset Grill is a rooftop pool side restaurant lit with festive lights. The don’t exactly have a candle on the table, but the lighting does set the prefect ambience for a candle night dinner.

The menu is fairly limited though. You have a choice of choosing from Veg or Non-Veg grill options with sides. This hotel is what the name is. Grill after Sunset. Sorry for the bad line. 

Perfect Hospitality. It’s Westin. Hospitality is always perfect.

Food tasted good, a taste of grill that I haven’t had before. Its the first time I tasted lobster, the costliest item on the menu. Without any discounts, the price for two would vary any where from 2000-4000 rupees depending on the choice you make. 

If its worth the price is an entirely different topic. Its a peaceful and calm place. Away from all the commotions of the city. Perfect to have a peaceful dinner with your loved ones. Its hard to find such a calm place in the middle of the city. But without the ambience, if you consider the cost of the food alone it’s costly. There are plenty of other places that offer the same menu for much lesser price, but as I have mentioned before, you pay for the space along with the food with any hotel. So, for some special occasions, yes, it is worth the price.

My advice to management would be to install some kind of device to keep the mosquitoes away. There is too much of them and it just spoils the mood.

Rating :

Food – 4/5

Ambience : 5/5

Worth the money : 4/5

Total : 4/5

Would I visit it again ? Maybe, depending on the occasion of visit.


Sunset Grill - The Westin Chennai Velachery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S Sorry for the bad quality of images. 

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