Surface Neo and Duo : Is Microsoft back into the game ?

Surface line up is perfect advocate for Windows. Surface Laptop, ” The almost perfect Windows laptop”, Surface Pro, a perfect windows tablet and Surface Go, the best budget windows laptop out there. Apart from spec refresh for all existing Surface line up with some new colour and finishes, Microsoft had some pretty interesting additions to its almost perfect line up.

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Foldable smartphones are interesting because it offers more portability than what a tablet would be offering. The industry has been kind of moving towards the trend of finding new ways of increasing the portability of existing devices by many ways, may it be reducing the size of existing laptops or to introduce 2-in-1’s. Microsoft knows this and Surface Pro and Go have been Microsoft’s answer to the answer of portable full scale laptop in tablet form.

Surface Neo is new addition to Microsoft’s answers to “portability”. It’s a new foldable dual screen tablet. And its really interesting. You would be able to turn the hinge 360 degrees making it tablet or when fully open a tablet with 13.1 inch display.

It runs its own customised fork of Windows, the Windows 10X and Microsoft’s Program Manager Carmen Zlateff claims its the new expression of Windows that they have been designing and building for last couple of years. This Windows 10X is specifically designed for two displays side by side.

This new tablet has a magnetic keyboard which you can attach to the second screen when you feel the need for a full size keyboard. And when its attached the Windows 10X software recognises the keyboard and changes the display like its its big size Touch Bar.

This new dual display options opens new world of opportunities in ways of increasing productivity. And in my opinion a innovation that is really interesting after a very long time.

Along with Surface Neo, Microsoft has announced Surface Duo a small Android powered smartphone similar to Surface Neo. Both these devices is not expected to be released until fall of 2020, and is still in early stages of prototyping. Windows 10X needs to be improved further according to Microsoft, but Duo runs android, and honestly I don’t know why they are waiting to release it in 2020. But hope they are late to the market as they were with Windows Phones. And secondly Apple needs to seriously step up its innovation if it really wants to stay in the market.

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