Best Place to Stay in Kodaikanal ? : Carlton Kodaikanal

Going on a trip involves planning, the thing that I hate most about. Reviews help us to learn about the hotel, we may narrow down on our choices, but making a choice is always a pressure. This new blog series covering stays at various tourist places and luxury stays at cities is aimed at helping you to find the best place for you to stay during your trip.

Kodaikanal, princess of hills is one of the top wanted tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu. Stay tuned on our Instagram page. Weekend Trip guide is to up on blog soon. Follow us on Instagram to stay informed.

A hotel near the lake. That was the criteria for our hotel search on this trip. Many hotels that are near the lake does not offer the beautiful view of the lake. And our choice was Carlton. A lakeside 5-star hotel in Kodaikanal.

Hospitality of the hotel was amazing. They organised all our travel needs from Kodaikanal Road railway station to the hotel and vice-versa. The staff there was pretty amazing.

The check-in was supposed to be at 9AM, but we arrived early by 7:30AM. But we checked-in and we were in our rooms by 8. Early check-in was hassle less. All the rooms in Carlton has a lake view balcony which offers you spectacular view of the lake from the hotel. A king size bed with sofa chairs. Wooden flooring. Well designed rooms. Bath rooms with bath tubs. It’s a heaven in Kodaikanal. The hotel offers you with indoor games like table tennis, pool etc. You get to have free cycles to cycle around the lake. It’s only hotel in Kodaikanal with such facilities.

In short, the cost of Rs.7000 for a room with taxes is worth every penny. You get all the regular free WiFi and complementary breakfast along with the package. If you are looking to spend some peaceful time at the hotel after a long sight seeing, then this place is a must. If you are the type of person who is looking to book a room just for the night stay, then there are other options far cheaper then Carlton that you might be interested in. Carlton is a type of hotel in Kodaikanal where you can just hang out peacefully. The laws are pretty big and beautiful. Night out, Bon Fire peacefully along side the lake inside the Kodaikanal town, then Carlton is the only choice you have.


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