Motorola TV : It’s cheap

Okay, Motorola has announced its new TV line-up following the foot steps of Xiaomi and soon to be released One Plus.

Motorola has been looking to expand its market from mobile phones by announcing its new line up of “Smart TV’s” powered by Android 9. It’s starting price is Rs.13,999 for HD version.The Motorola Smart TV range is available in various sizes and resolutions, including 32-inch (HD 720p, Rs. 13,999), 43-inch (Full-HD 1080p, Rs. 24,999), 43-inch (Ultra-HD 2160p, Rs. 29,999), 50-inch (Ultra-HD 2160p, Rs. 33,999), 55-inch (Ultra-HD 2160p, Rs. 39,999), and 65-inch (Ultra-HD 2160p, Rs. 64,999). All of the TVs will go on sale simultaneously on September 29 on Flipkart. All its variants comes with game pad to support games on Android’s Play Store.

The TV’s support HDR along with Dolby Vision. And on audio side, it comes with support for Dolby Digital and DTS.

Well, all that sounds impressive but we would have to wait and see how the actual panel looks. Unlike mobile phones, the panel even two panels using similar technologies would vary in contrast and colour saturation when compared side by side. Even though we shouldn’t expect mind blowing quality out of these panels, I hope that they would offer decent quality.

One Plus is also looking to launch its TV this year. Wait until then to make a purchase decision, and stay tuned to @arul2810 on twitter and instagram to keep up on the updates.


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