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It was 3 years ago. It was the first time I visited a Barbeque Buffet in Chennai. My first barbeque buffet. And that was in Barbeque Nation. I loved my first visit. Maybe just because it was my first visit. But I loved it. I have been to a lot of Barbeque buffets later. And lots of other BBQ Nation’s too. And to be fair, BBQ Nation hasn’t been my first choice. I kind of felt that its quality has been dwindling recently. I visited BBQ Nation over at Vadapalani recently and this is my Detroit Food Safari Review.

To be fair, BBQ Nation wasn’t my first choice. But I went to a movie at Palazzo and there is no other buffet near Vadapalani than BBQ Nation. I wasn’t having high hopes that day. Reserving wasn’t much of a hassle. I used Zomato to book a table, and confirmation was quick. I was bit surprised. I am not fan of call centre booking, it always never works. BBQ Nation has its own app, but I couldn’t log into it. Zomato booking is hassle free anytime.

Intial reception and getting seated wasn’t hassle free. To my surprise, BBQ Nation was pretty quiet that day. It was filled yes. But it was quiet. My last visit to AB’s T.Nagar wasn’t something I liked, it was too loud to have a nice dinner. BBQ Nation was much better. Service was upto the mark. The person who was serving me was always smiling even though I was pecking him with something every time. He was ready to serve me every dishes that was available that day and he made sure he wasn’t disturbing me when I was talking with my partners. And that is something I liked so much. BBQ Nation was kind enough to cook up potato for me, I seems no one loves Caujan Potato as I do. (Hope I spelled it right)

Caujan Potato (Let’s spell it this way for sake of this review) is always my favourite. Along with pretty much everything I had that day. Prawns wasn’t burnt as they usually do. Chickens tasted good. I wasn’t fan of fish though. It had a coconut oil taste to it that I didn’t like. There is not a lot of variety as in other BBQ’s. You don’t get honey chicken every day. It seems they shuffle between honey chicken and chicken leg BBQ. But hey, everything they had was tasty. And it was more than enough for me. You get the usual desserts, 4 cakes, some sweets like jamun and jalebi and fruits. You could get chat items like pav, pani puri etc. You could have either kulfi or normal scoop ice cream. It was pretty satisfying.

To end, I was not a big fan of BBQ Nation. And when it comes to choosing, I wouldn’t have chose BBQ Nation. But after this visit, I might choose BBQ Nation than other BBQ’s. In Velachery, Coal BBQ is my choice. Near T.Nagar ? I might catch a bus to visit BBQ Vadapalani than other BBQ’s in T.Nagar.

Detroit Food Safari Rating :

Service : 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 5/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 5/5


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