Cheapest Bluetooth Earphone ? : Boat Rockerz 400

Good Bluetooth earphones are hard to find. And they cost a buck, but the new Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Earphones does show some promise. How does it stack up with other bluetooth earphones ?

Bluetooth earphones at affordable prices are pretty hard to find. A good pair of On-Ear earphones could cost you anywhere from Rs 4000. Boat Rockerz 400 starts at Rs.1399 onwards and offers pretty compelling features.

Starting with battery life. These Boat Rockerz can easily go through a day with heavy use. Boat claims battery power upto 8 hours of playback, but the Boat Rockerz seems to have more juice than what Boat states. But it takes a long time to charge though. It takes upto 2 entire hours to charge to its full capacity. The manufacturer has to make some compromises to get the price down.

But where the manufacturer does not compromise is on audio quality. It offers sound quality that is comparable to other wired Sony earphones under same price range. It gets a little squeaky when the volume is high or when the tone enters into a higher register, but hey all earphones under this price range have the same problem.

But the build quality is little on the lower side though. The earplugs fits so tightly in your ears, it gets a little un plesant after some time of hearing. This is not the headphone you want to take during long flight hours.

But overall, considering the price Boat is charging for this headphone, all the cons don’t matter so much. This is the best Bluetooth you can get below Rs.2000. Period.

You can buy it on Amazon starting from Rs.1399 if you are sporty enough to buy the white and green version. If you prefer the white, the price starts from Rs.1499.




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