One Plus 7 Pro : Impressions

One Plus 7 Pro, latest and greatest from One Plus. The smartphone that almost made me jump from iPhone.

One Plus has been the company that I adored from its launch of One Plus One. It’s policy of “Flagship Killing” smartphones that don’t burn the hole in your pocket has been the highlight of One Plus smartphones during its every release. But each year, One Plus has to make some compromises to reduce the price of the smartphones to such low level.

And slowly then One Plus has been redefining itself as a smartphone brand that is no longer about compromises. It has been improving its build quality from plastic to metal and glass much like its competitors. But at the same time it has also increased the prices of its smartphones. It has been redefining itself as a top tier smartphone brand unlike Vivo, another smartphone company owned by One Plus’s parent company, BBK Electronics.

This year, One Plus has taken a step further by releasing its first “Pro” smartphone. The One Plus 7 Pro.

Specifications wise, One Plus 7 is top of the line with Snapdragon 885 coupled with 6/8/12 GB of RAM. But something that makes it so special is its 90Hhz refresh rate “Fluid AMOLED” display with NO notch. With its high refresh rate and resolution, it makes it one of the best smartphone displays out there next to S10. No notch meaning that you get one step further into immersion. Seriously guys, you have to experience this display in-hand to appreciate how gorgeous it is.

With no notch means that the front camera has to tucked in somewhere. Courtesy of Vivo, One Plus now has “pop-up” front facing camera. Its moving mechanical parts is tested for more than 5 years of usage but I seriously still have my doubts about the longevity of the pop-up camera when in real world, dust and minute particles enter into it. But One Plus has made extra steps to make this pop-up camera reliable. For example, when the camera is out, it automatically closes when its sensors sense that the smartphone is dropping. That is amazing.

Something One Plus sacrifices every year is in its camera quality. It has been holding me from buying one every year. This year, One Plus claims that it has taken the extra steps to make its camera better and it does seem to be true.

Below is sample shots from One Plus 7 along with Pixel 3A on the right.

One Plus 7 Pro camera does take better photos with its improved triple camera system, but still lags behind likes in Pixel 3A. Personally, I prefer the shots taken from Pixel 3A rather than One Plus, but the latter does take better shots compared to iPhone XR at some scenarios.

One Plus has a triple camera setup this year. A 48 MP main camera coupled with a ultra wide and telephoto lens. One thing to that Ultra wide camera does not have video recording option.

Build wise, this is a gorgeous smartphone. Just look at it. Its awesome. Sadly, it does not have an IP rating in it. But One Plus does have tweeted about its water proof nature. And several YouTubers have tested it. Personally, I would feel confident in taking shots inside water when the phone does have a water proof rating.

One Plus does have taken a step further in its smartphone design this year. But it still lags in some key areas. It’s camera is not perfect. It does not have a wireless charger. It still manages to give around 4 hours of screen on time even though it has a 4000Mah battery.

But it is a better smartphone. A smartphone that is sufficient for almost 90% of the people out there who does not want to spend a $1000 dollars on a smartphone but gets most out of their money. For about 90% of the people out there, this smartphone is best you can get. But for the remaining 10%, I guess its a tough choice to make.

One Plus is on sale in India starting from Rs.49000 on Amazon. Click the link below to know more.

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