Chili’s American Grill and Bar : #DetroitFoodSafari Review

Chili’s is one of the highest rated restaurants inside Pheonix Market City. It’s a mix of American and Mexican cuisine which I find it rare to find in the city. There are not a lot of restaurants that offers the menu that American Chili’s offer and I wanted to try those.

Ambience wise, the restaurant is pretty decent. Even though its is the bit high side on price, I find it usually crowded. But still, its a pretty big restaurant considering its inside a mall. They had IPL screening when I visited the restaurant and it kind of gave a American like restaurant look. Service is great, the waiters are friendly. The only issue I faced when I visited the restaurant is that they didn’t have card swipe working that day. Other than that I had a decent experience there.

Looking at the menu, those names, Frankly i didn’t know what anything in the menu was except for pasta. It was good having description about every item right in the menu.

I ordered Pasta, Fajitas and Taco’s along with mocktails. Starting with the mocktail, it is one of the best tasting mojito’s that I tasted recently. That was just good. You could have two among Shrimp, Buffalo and Chicken in Fajitas which is kind of like sizzler with barbeque of your choice I think. It was the first time i had Buffalo and it tasted pretty good. Mac and Cheese Pasta was good but I wish the quantity of pasta’s could have been more considering the price. Taco on the other had, I wasn’t impressed about those. It was in Okayish range. I haven’t tasted any of these food before except for pasta. Being first, I liked the Fajitas and for Taco’s those are something that i would not love to have again.

Being first to American and Mexican style cuisine, my first impression of the restaurant was pretty good. Is it worth the price ? Maybe Yes.

Detroit Food Safari Rating :

Ambience : 4/5

Service : 4/5

Food : 4/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 4/5

Pricing : Rs.1500 for two.

Would i visit it again ? Yes. When I have the money.

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