Pixel 3A : New Budget Champion ?

As expected from all the leaks and the box that accidentally went on sale, Google announced the cheaper more affordable version of Pixel, the Pixel 3A.

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Pixel 3A. Polycarbonate brother to Pixel 3. Sporting a Snapdragon 670 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM, Pixel 3A starts at $399 which is cheaper than its competitor the One Plus. Pixel 3A sports the same 12 MP camera sensor from the Pixel, and it shoots photos that is as impressive as Pixel 3 itself.

Quick look into specifications,

Pixel 3A is coupled with Snapdragon 370 which is slower than One Plus or Pixel 3A or Poco for the matter. It sports 4GB RAM. It has a 5.6″ gOLED display without any notches. It has a polycarbonate body with same looks as the Pixel 3. The design is pretty old looking when comparing to other smartphones out there. Powering all of them is a 3000 Mah battery which is same as the Pixel 3 whose battery performance is not good. And it lacks wireless charging.

Google has to make some sacrifices to make a smartphone at this price point. But it still got the impressive camera performance as Pixel 3 as it has the same sensor. Its front facing camera is 8MP with 85 degree field of view. No special wide angle tricks there. It still got the impressive night mode that everyone amazes and praises. It has the 3 year software update guarantee. And be happy folks. It has got a headphone jack !.

Should you buy this ?

Poco does offer more features than Pixel. But the software is buggy at best. At the world where privacy and security is getting worser day by day, I would bet my choices on smartphone that offers software update promises. Unlike most companies, Google tend to keep that promise. Google’s camera system is also one of the best out there. And maybe this smartphone might be budget smartphone of my choice.

The phone is scheduled to go on sale from May 15, I would post an in-depth review as soon as I get my hands on the device. The phone is expected to go on sale in India at a price range of Rs.39,999.

What is your opinion about Pixel 3A ? Would you buy it ? Comment below.


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