Onesta : Quality that detoriated over time

Onesta, one of my favourite Pizza destinations. A restaurant that I travel miles to eat. This is a story of restaurant that I loved, but started to hate over time.

Onesta. Well decorated, pretty crowded and noisy ambience. Its service hasn’t been always the best one. I had complaints earlier where you don’t even get food for a long time. People over there are not always friendly. But its been the case from when I first visited the restaurant.

But the restaurant never failed to provide on its quality of food. I am a fan of Onesta’s unlimited buffet. Unlimited beverages, unlimited starters, unlimited pizzas. But everything tastes so good. That’s the reason I travel to Onesta.

But my last visit was pretty disappointing. Menu’s have been updated. Prices have rose. I don’t have my favourites over there any more. There is no more prawns and bacon. There is no more unlimited beverages. You can only order one. And that too among a limited set of options unlike before. And to make things even worse, most of the starters were not available that day. I only had 3/6 non veg starters. It’s a buffet. I expect to eat everything that is in the menu. If one item in the menu is not available its acceptable. But more than half out of stock ? That’s un acceptable.

Lasagne is no longer available in menu.Pasta I ordered tasted pretty bad. Pizza’s were not upto the mark. Not upto the mark meaning its not as it is used to be. I am a fan of Onesta. But now, I am not.

Only three desserts were available that day. Others went out of stock. Adding more to misery.

As I said many times before, I travel 20 kms from city just to visit Onesta. That’s how much I loved the restaurant. But I doubt if I would visit it ever again. I don’t mind the increase in price or the changes in menu if it is better than before. But it has only gotten worse. I hate to see food chains like Onesta loosing its quality. I hope they can bring back their old quality back. If someone from Onesta is reading this review, please bring Old Onesta back !!

Ratings :

Ambience : 3/5

Service : 2/5

Food : 2/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 2.5/5

Would I visit this restaurant again ? Maybe not. I want Old Onesta back. !!

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