To all Ola and Uber riders out there.

This is a story of a 22 year old girl, who is looking to book a cab late at night.

It’s 11 PM, and she was standing there looking to book a cab home. There were not a lot of buses on that route during night time. She felt not safe to stand in a bus stop for a long time.

She tried to book a cab. But there was not a lot of cabs out there during this time of night. It’s peak time or that’s what Ola or Uber calls it. It’s the time when ride costs more than twice the normal cost due to peak demands. Finally she got a cab. The driver was completing his previous trip. After about 5 minutes or more, the driver completed his previous trip and called her to know about her pickup location. “Enga ma drop ? ” was his question. “Okay, manga wait pannunga na varen”, his response to her answer. She waited. But instead of driving towards her, he rode away from her. And after a minute, the app was looking for a cab once again. The driver cancelled her trip and was looking for another one. She may or may not get a ride again.

When Uber or Ola driver asks us to pay by cash instead of Ola Money or Paytm, we understand their concern and pay them by cash even though Ola Money or Paytm is the most convenient way for us to pay them. When they open up their concerns on how Ola or Uber is under paying them and they are losing money, we feel pity for them.

But when we are standing there looking for a cab, do you drivers understand our situation ? It’s not only the story of that girl. It may be story of a person who is in hurry to catch a bus, or a train, or a flight. He or she might be in a stressful situation or something worse. We on the other ends are also humans.

The ride is not booked without your wish. Your app shows up whether you want to take the ride or not. If you are not looking to take the ride, then please don’t accept it. We understand you might be looking to go on the route to your way home. But that won’t be possible every time. Or at least be bold to say to face on call, that you would be cancelling the ride.

I am not blaming all Ola and Uber riders out there. Most of them are genuine and understanding. But the 10% of riders is what causes troubles like this. And I am writing this article after facing this problem myself for past 2 months.

This is a concern in view of a rider. Comments are welcome.

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