Get iPhone XR for as low as 55K : Amazon Summer Sale

iPhone XR, almost flagship smartphone by Apple. With prices down, should you buy it ?

iPhone XR is half way onto its flagship life cycle. Released on October, its the fastest iPhone you could get until Apple releases its new iPhones this year.

With price tag of Rs.76000, its down to as low as Rs.55990 on Amazon and here is how.

Amazon’s deal price for the smartphone during this summer sale is 58,990 which is a discount of Rs.18000. Assume that you are buying this smartphone on exchange. And the minimum exchange price is Rs.3000, adding the additional discount to the selling price, the price of the iPhone would be around Rs.55000

Should you buy it ?

I have been using iPhone for past two years. And there is something in it that always keeps me with it. Yes, it costs more than other smartphones. Yes. It has limited feature set when comparing to Android flagships. But it does everything right on what it offers. A smartphone with uncompromising performance on speed, camera and battery. That is iPhone according to me. And iPhone XR does not disappoint there.

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