Courtallam Border Parotta : Velachery #DetroitFoodSafari Review

Tenkasi is famous for its beautiful hills, temples and more importantly barotta. Courtrallam Border Parotta is something everyone should try. I tried it during my childhood and its still one of my favourite barotta i have had.

After visit to Ente Keralam, i became an parotta addict. Wait is it barotta or parotta ? Anyway if you haven’t read,check out my review of Ente Keralam here.

And when i heard the name Courtallam Border Parotta in Velachery, i carved to try it out.

Note: Courtallam border parotta should not be confused with Rahamat Border Hotel or some other franchise, there are lot of hotels with tagline “Courtallam Border Parotta” nowadays.

On entry, i the theme of the restaurant was impressive. With tar road like floors and bamboo like walls separating the tables, it was pretty good. It gave a sense of a road side barotta hotel feeling.

But service, Courtallam Border Parotta doesn’t seem to care in that front. The menu had parotta combo with parotta and chicken kulambu combo, but when i tried to order that, the server insisted even if i order combo, i would have to order kulambu separately. Then why do you guys have combo ? Why would i have to pay 300 for that combo if i had to pay separately for kulambu ? Secondly, the server was kind of unfriendly, or maybe utter right rude. I don’t want to see your attitude before i eat guys. But it seemed that the person that took order from me was in that way. Other servers seemed okay.

Coming to food. Why am i going to bad hotels recently.

was a disappointment. I had some hopes on Courtallam Border Parotta even though its Zomato reviews were bad. The size of the parotta was smaller than the palm of my hand. Seriously guys ? Are you gonna serve parotta that size for 35 rupees ?

I tried all varieties of parotta from Porucha parotta and Veechu Parotta. None of them was satisfactory.

Kulambu. For a parotta to be good, it needs a good kulambu. A soft parotta along with tasty chicken kulambu is what Border parotta stalls are famous for. But this kulambu, it was utter right worst. It started good, but it ended worst. I don’t know where the fault was. Either it was in oil used for barotta or the kulambu itself. But it made me sick. And that’s more than disappointing. I wanted my money back by then.

So Ratings,

Ambience : 4/5

Service: 2/5

Food : 1/5

Detroit Food Safari Ratings : 2/5

Would i even go there again ? Please don’t go guys. End of story.

Courtallam Border Parotta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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