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Rahaa Suvaii Arasan, a restaurant that has a very few reviews on Zomato with a striking name. How does it stand up ? Here is Detroit Food Safari look into Rahaa Suvaii Arasan.

It was around 4 in the evening and i didn’t have my lunch yet. Looking at listings of restaurants with a budget of around 300 for a starter and main dish, my choices were pretty limited. I didn’t want to have any pizza’s or burger’s. I wanted to eat some briyani and was looking for a hotel nearby where i could cycle to.

My choices were either Aasife or Courtralam Border Barota both of which i haven’t tried before. Aasife was closed even though it was showed it was open on Zomato. I decided to go to Courtallam Border Barota and on the way i found Rahaa Suvaii Arasan. I was attracted by the name. There were few reviews on Zomato, so why shouldn’t i visit them and give them my review ? And that was the mistake i made. Going to Rahaa Suvaii Arasan.

The hotel seemed pretty new. Whole hotel was empty. And there seemed to be only two people to take your orders. They were kind and was ready to serve you with smiling faces. Ambience was okay considering the low price there. No decorations of any sort. Straight out tables. It might be noisy when its crowded, but hey there wasn’t anyone around. I felt pretty comfortable there.

I ordered Chicken Briyani and Grill Chicken. Something that should taste fine even at some basic hotel. But food was out right worst. I was hungry and was about to faint. But even at that stage, i couldn’t eat a bite. Grill Chicken had over salt, briyani had over salt. Simply the food was outright WORST. It’s one of the worst food i have tasted in any hotel.

My advice to Rahaa Suvaii Arasan, you guys are located in a prime spot. You have decent ambience. Keep up your attitude when serving people. But please improve your quality of food. There is a lot of competition around you. You are new, and you could still repair your name and build a reputation for yourself. Hire some good cook and try to make decent food. I would love to try you guys out again and change my review if there is any improvement in quality of food. It’s currently a disaster guys. Make it right.

Ratings :

Ambience : 3/5

Service : 4/5

Food : 1/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 2/5

Would i visit it again ? Nope.

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