Anjappar Velachery : #DetroitFoodSafari Review

Anjappar, one of the famous chettinad restaurants names out there. But it is slowly losing its customers due to tuff competition from new players in the market. I was out to shop over at Pheonix, and when i thought of eating over at a Chettinad style restaurant, Anjappar came to my mind. And this is the review of my visit over at Anjappar, Velachery

Long after Anjappar became a franchise, not all the restaurant branches maintain the same quality of food as the others. So make sure you check the review of that particular branch before you visit it.

Ambience wise, it is a pretty small restaurant with 5 or 6 tables. There is nothing special here. Considering the price, it could have been better.

There is nothing special with the service either and there is nothing to complaint as well.

Our gang was pretty hungry that day, we haven’t ate anything from the morning. We ordered a lot of things.

The things that we ordered.

  1. Natukozhiu Chicken Soup
  2. Chicken Kothu Porotta
  3. Idiyappam and Mutton Paya
  4. Chicken Briyani
  5. Barotta
  6. Natu Kozhi Chicken

After my visit to Ente Keralam, which by the way is linked here if you haven’t read, i wanted to try barotta along with chicken kuruma. And that was my expectation when i visited the restaurant. Soups are always good over at Anjappar. Its hot, spicy filled with pepper. It’s a must if you are looking to visit there.

Idiyappam and Mutton Paya was like “Amirtham”. It might be because we were hungry or i dont know. But it was out of the world. Chicken Kothu Parotta was okay. But quantity could have been more given the price. The dish i wanted the most, Barotta and Chicken Kuruma was a let down. It tasted in okayish range. I ended up having another round of Idiyappam.\

Chicken Barotta tasted good. It is chettinad style briyani which would taste different than other briyani’s that you might have tasted inside the city. Give it a try along with Idiyappam and Mutton Paya.

Overall, i was satisfied with the taste of food expect for barotta and chicken kuruma. Maybe it is me, and you guys may love it. Try it out and pour your opinions over at comment section below.

Rating :

Ambience : 2/5


Food :4/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 3.5/5

Would i visit it again ? For Mutton Paya and Idiyappam, Yes. Give it a try folks.

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Sorry for the lack of photos. I was so hungry that day and couldn’t take many.


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