Look into One Plus 7 Pro “Breakthrough” Display

Pete Lau, CEO of One Plus promised that the new One Plus 7 “Pro” model would have a breakthrough display that would have to be seen in order to believe ?

One Plus is all set to soon unveil its One Plus 7. We are already getting a lot of leaks indicating a pop up camera with addition to variety of other features.

On his twitter account, Pete Lau shared,

From what i can understand from the tweet and from plenty of other articles that is already out in the internet, One Plus 7 Pro may have a display with higher than usual refresh rate which justifies the use of word “smooth”.

Refresh rate is the rate at which smartphones refresh the content on the screen. A refresh rate of 60Hz means that the smartphone screen can display can refresh images at a frame rate of 60 images per second. As refresh rate increases the number of frames per second increases.

Increase in refresh rate would eventually increase the smoothness of the screen. Only a handful of devices have refresh rate that is higher than 90 Hz. Razer phone has a 90 Hz refresh rate, while the Asus ROG offers 120 Hz refresh rate. The iPad Pro with its 120Hz refresh rate through out its interface showed just how wonderful higher refresh rate screen experience can be.

One Plus 7 is already expected to have a price tag that is higher than One Plus 6T. If One Plus 7 Pro is having a higher refresh rate screen, i should have a larger battery to handle the new display making the price even higher. According to sources, One Plus 7 Pro is expected to have price tag at iPhone XS range.

With its higher price tag, One Plus should now convince its customers that its new model is worth it. Let’s see how it all turns out.

What’s your opinion about One Plus 7 pricing ? What do you think that Pete Lau would have meant ? Comment below.

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