Cleo’s Grill and Cafe : #DetroitFoodSafari Review

I have been to lot of grill buffet places that have been rated close to 5 stars, but none of them was prefect for me. Ever time i visit some place, there is something lacking. I have never been able to find a perfect grill buffet until now. Cleo’s Grill and Cafe. An awesome buffet place.

Ambience. This place is calm. This place is simple. Not a lot of decorations. Small lightings, but its provides a peaceful and pleasant dinner experience. AB’s, Coal, BBQ Nation, they are all crowded and filled with noise. But this place is perfect. Ambience is what made me like this place in first place. 5/5 stars for that.

Next comes service. I was served by Tony, and he was nothing but pleasant ready to serve us with his smiling face. Unlike other grill buffets, you get all your dishes served to your table. Choose your starters, main course, desserts, everything gets served to your table. Sure its better to get them yourself after looking at the choices. But sometimes when you are in middle of a conversation with your friends, its better when you get served at the table. I was a different buffet experience for me and i loved it.

Next comes food. Coal is better at providing a lot of food choices. But food not always tastes good. There is always something that you wanted, but didnt taste as you wanted. Cleo is not about the number of food choices it has. It has a very limited menu. But it excels at what it offers. They gave us the best chicken, fish, prawn, breads, desserts etc. In short everything tasted perfect. I never experienced it in any other buffet before. But in Cleo’s the taste tops than the number of variety.

If folks at Cleo is reading this review, please try to make the grill according to the taste the customers want it to be. Some might like it little spicy, some may not. If you can make the food according to the customers needs like competition does, its a plus for you guys.

Cleo is good because of combination of variety of things. Good Ambience, Good Service, Good Food, something that is hard to find in a buffet. If you are looking for a birthday party or something else, try to give Cleo a chance. They are good.

Detroit Food Safari Rating :

Ambience : 5/5

Service : 4/5

Food : 4.5/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 4/5

Would i visit it again ? Sure.

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