Samudra : Trident #DetroitFoodSafari Review

Samudra is so called “South Indian” speciality restaurant belonging to Trident Luxury Hotels. It is one of star rated restaurants in India. After visit to Le Royal Meridien, my hopes for Trident was very high.

My Initial impressions at the restaurant, why is this restaurant so small ? The ambience of the restaurant was nothing special. It pretty much looked like a normal restaurant. Service wasn’t proper. There weren’t anyone to take my orders or to pour water. In my previous review, i have said that star rated hotels are priced so high for the ambience they offer. But for the price trident tags, both the service and ambience is poor.

I ordered Chicken Briyani and SeaFood Platter.

Sea Food Platter is the worst among them. It costed 1000, and i had my doubts about the quantity i would receive. And yeah. I received a single piece of fish cutlet. Two pieces of prawn and single piece of fired fish. Come on Trident seriously? It’s platter? For a 1000 Rs, i didn’t expect this low quantity of food. Yes, star hotels are costly and Yes, the quantity of food would be less. But this low ?

And taste wise, it’s a speciality restaurant. And the food tasted nothing like south indian food. No spice, no salt, the briyani tasted nothing like briyani i would get anywhere in south india. It’s a specialty restaurant. You serve tourists who visit our country. I don’t want you to give me something that tastes out of the world. I just want to you to give food that tastes like south indian food.

Hey, if you are looking to dine in a star rated hotel, travel 2 kms extra and visit Le Royal Meridien. This hotel is not worth a penny for what you pay.

Ambience : 2/5

Service : 1/5

Food: 1/5

Detroit Food Safari Ranking : 1/5

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