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Ever heard of the quote, “There is nothing more romantic than Italian food” ? I love pizza. So Italian food is romantic ain’t it ?

I set out to try “authentic” Italian cuisine over at Chianti, one of few restaurants in the city that offers authentic Italian cuisine. It’s rated as one of the finest restaurants in the city on Zomato. And it was. But it’s just not for me.

Italy is every where in the menu, i could decipher that much. I could make out the words pasta and pizza on the menu. But other than that i couldn’t understand what is what.

These are the items that i ordered.

  1. Pollo Alla Grilia Marianto Pesto and
  2. Risotto Con Frutti Di Mare.

The first one turned out to be something like grilled chicken, but the pieces were well sliced and dipped in some kind of sauce. It tasted perfect, but i would have preferred some more sauce in it. It tasted little plane to my taste buds.

Pollo Alla Grilia Marianto Pesto

I wanted my second dish to be something other than pasta or pizza, thus the rice or Rissotto Con…. something.

One word, i hated it. Its mixture of rice, prawn and fish in cheese and mint. And i couldn’t complete it. My advice, stay with Pizza or Pastas.

Risotto Con Frutti Di Mare

Italian cuisine is not for everyone. It’s especially not for me. I hate everything that has mint sauce in it, and Italian cuisine seems to have lot of mint sauce mixed in them. Chianti is not for me.

If you are looking for some authentic Italian restaurant, Chianti is place for you. If you want to try something different and also have a pleasant dinner, then Chianti might not be the choice for you. Reason? Not all like Italian cuisine, and many might return with empty stomach after having a costly dinner over at Chianti. It costs a minimum of 1000 for two.

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Rating this hotel is pretty complicated. I did not like the food, but its not because the food was not cooked properly or some other reason. It’s because the cuisine is not for me. The hotel did a pretty good job on providing what they promised.



Food – 4.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

Ambience -4.5/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating – 4/5

If Italian cuisine is your craving, then this place is must visit.


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