Future of Gaming ? : Google Stadia

Google has been working for some time to take down the Sony’s and Xbox’s of the world. Google announced its plans for “Stadia” its brand new innovative gaming platform yesterday over at GDX 2019.

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Like Netflix which overtook the place of BluRay players for high-def streaming, Google is plan is to offer 4K 60fps game play through the internet. By use of its hundreds of Data centres, Google plans to offer high-def gaming to almost every device that would be able to run Chrome without the need for any additional hardware.  But it raises far more questions than answers.

Google edge network directly connects ISP to datacenters all around the world

Game streaming is not something new. Nvidia announced its plans on game streaming using its GeForce Now service some years ago but is still to come into full scale commercial market. Latency being a major issue. Unlike video streaming services, game streaming requires data to be sent to and fro from servers at faster routes than video packets. Google claims that its Edge Network which connects the ISP’s to the data centres offer low latency connection between the user and the data centres. But still you need to be located near major metro cities to get the best experience provided that you have decent internet connection (Atleast 30 Mbps for 4K streaming).

Additionally, Google needs to design special hardware to efficiently handle the workload. Google is using custom AMD powered GPU’s to provide graphical power of 10 teraflops/s. Impressive as it sounds, irrelavant of graphical power Google still needs to compress the images before it can send it over the network which may result in significant difference in image quality.

Even if all these goes well, Google needs to convince the developers to develop games for Stadia platform. Stadia’s hardware runs on top of Linux operating system and supports major game engines such as Unreal and Unity. Google showcased its version of Doom which is impressive and 100’s of game studios already have their hands on Stadia’s Dev kit.

Google does not have a release date for Stadia yet, but it is expected to released in later 2019. With numerous people still having to try out their hands on high end gaming hardware that can run high end titles, can Stadia bring high-def gaming to everyone’s hands? What’s your expectation of Stadia ? Comment below.

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