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A look into luxury dining inside Escape Cinemas. Does it hold up to SPI cinemas name ?

Dine is a luxury restaurant inside Escape Cinemas, a multiplex belonging to SPI Cinemas in EA shopping Mall.

Escape cinemas is long known for its quality in cinema. But it does not look true in case of its hotel brand.

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The hotels looks posh with its luxurious looks and all. A clean and quite restaurant inside a pretty crowded mall complex. With well designed menu, lighting, my expectations was pretty high.

Choice of dishes in the menu was pretty good. You cam get from burgers,pizza to chinese dishes. Combos offered in the menu looked pretty compelling.

I ordered “Choujan Fish and Chips” (Not sure with name) which is fried fish with french fried and Americano Chicken Pizza.

Choujan Fish and Chips

The thin crust pizza tasted, well “Bad”. Three slices in i could not eat more. It was mostly due to excessive amount of sauce that they used. Fish and fries was another regret. The batter used for the fish didn’t have enough salt. It did not have any spice too. No salt on french fries either. Pretty bad tasting food. Two stars for food.

Americano Chicken Pizza

To add to disappointment, the service was pretty poor. No one was available to take our order. No one to refill water. They pretty much did “Nothing”.

Considering food court in EA is usually crowded with food court card system to add to the mess, Dine seemed to be a good option for food inside EA. The pricing seemed pretty reasonable too considering its location. But it was utter disappointment in the end.

If you are looking to shop in EA, consider trying other locations outside of EA. There are pretty good hotels at cheaper prices outside EA.

At last,

Food – 2 stars

Ambience- 4 stars

Service- 2 star

Side Note: The place has 4 stars on Zomato. If there are any nice dishes for which the place is known for which i can try, comment below. I would try to visit it again and update the post.
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