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Cilantro, a 4/5 star hotel inside Le Royal Meridian. One of iconic hotel brand in Chennai. How does the food really taste ? Is it worth the value ?

Star hotels are always not about the taste in food. But it is rather about the experience you get there. Hotels are of different varieties. Some have the best tasting food, but does not offer the best experience. Some hotels are just meant for friends to get together and have a fun time, like the Coal Barbeque. Like that Star hotels are to provide a quite and delightful experience.

If you are foodie and looking for some good food worth, then this is not the place for you. You should stop reading the review right now. If you are someone who is looking a overall package or someone who wants to have a memorable dinner with your family ? Then this review might you to choose a good restaurant.

Cilantro is European/Continental cuisine restaurant inside Le Royal Meridian. Food choice is pretty good. You get the usuals like fried rice to sandwiches. It’s bit on the costly side. Food for two usually costs around 2000. If you are looking for buffet, its priced from 1550 INR per head for lunch. Dinner is priced at 1850 INR. But i would advise you to stay away from buffet.

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I ordered the usual. Fried rice and Noodles. The food was pretty good. And the sauce. The tomato sauce is one of the best one that i have tasted so far. 

Experience wise, its one of the best restaurants in city. Hospitality, No complaints. There was a magician around on the day i visited the hotel. It’s the first time that magician did tricks with me. That was pretty good. Flowers on table, well arranged cutlery, natural lighting with seating next to garden, that’s added bonus to ambience.

Overall, visiting Cilantro was a pleasant experience. As i mentioned before, if you are looking for a calm and quite dinner then this is the place for you. But if you are a foodie looking for some tasty food, then there are more restaurants out there better than this one.

Check out Cilantro over at Le Royal Meridian. Remember to book a table before you visit.

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