HP Spectre Folio : Weirdly Impressive

New Spectre Folio. Design that stands out.

2 in 1 convertibles. Something that is born out of portability. Tablets are impressively portable. But they still lack the power a PC has. Yes. iPad Pro is a very capable tablet, but still a PC is a PC. Windows has certain features that iOS cant replace. Yet.

When Surface Pro came out, i was impressed, on a Windows PC for the first time. It has the portability of an iPad but also has the power of a Windows PC. Then, i started looking at 2 in 1 convertibles. Standard attached keyboards that you can rotate 360 degrees to use it as a tablet.

But it’s awkward isn’t it. Rotating the keyboard and holding it on your hands ? You can’t hold it comfortably. You press the keys when you hold them. You can’t place them on a table. That form factor is does something good. But its cons are way over pros.

Lift and tilt the display to move it forwards.

From HP then came Spectre Folio. The leather wrapped PC, whose form factor might be just right. I got hands on one for a few minutes and i was impressed. You see folio’s display folds onto the keyboard so that the keyboard isn’t on your way when you hold it like a tablet. But also opens up to a new world of possibilities.

You can place the screen in various positions that opens it up to new applications. You can use it as your drawing book, your notebook in class or when you need it, a full scale windows PC.

It’s powered by core i7 processors with price starting at $1299. It has a gorgeous 13 inch 1080p display with excellent contrast and viewing angles. With leather wrapped all around, it’s one of the gorgeous laptops i have seen so far. I’ll try to do a review as soon as i get hands on one. Until then, check out it’s review over at Linus Tech Tips clipped below.

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