5th and 8th Class Public Exams : Improvement in Education ?

There has been a discussion lately regarding public exams for students of classes 5th and 8th. This overrules the policy of “all-pass” that is in existence. Some state that this would improve education, while some say the opposite.

Is it really an improvement in education ?

To understand if it an improvement, we should understand the reason why “all-pass” rule is in existence. Yes, “all-pass” means every student regardless of how poor he is in academics, he would be able to go up to class 9. After which he struggles in his education to get past every stage in his education.

But there is also another side to this story. Not all are equal. Even though our country states “Right to equality”, there are still differences in our country based on caste and more importantly INCOME.

A child from a economically weak background, goes to school and works along with their parents after returning from school. Child labour ? Maybe yes. But sadly, thats the sad state of our economy.

Number of students dropping out after class 5 before “all-pass” education was pretty high. In order to provide basic education upto class 10, government introduced “all-pass” rule and it significantly reduced the number of students dropping out.

And there is always a discussion of providing quality education to students. Public exam never means the education system is standard. A education system should be in a way that it tingles the creative nature in a student. He should be given the freedom to explore and understand various concepts that he is taught. A public exam would instead change the mind of the student to “mug-up” the subject rather than understanding it.

In my view, the system of education should be changed before any changes should be made to examination system.

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