S10 E : Initial Impressions

Samsung S10 E, the cheaper (Not so cheap) brother to S10. What differences does it have? Would it matter ? This is my initial impressions about S10E.

The S10 E like the iPhone XR starts at $750, full $150 cheaper than S10.

Outside its pretty much the same. Glass black, metal rims, Infinity “O” notch style.

It has slightly smaller display with 5.8inch coupled with 2,280×1080 pixels resolution. The S10 has higher 3,040×1,440 pixels resolution. But S10E still has 500+ ppi meaning that the resolution difference would not make much of a difference for most people.

Second, it has two rear cameras unlike the three cameras on S10. One is wide angle OIS while the second is ultra wider angle OIS sensor. You are missing out the telephoto lens on this one.

It does not have a ultrasonic finger print sensor like S10 but rather comes with finger print sensor on the power button.

The $750 version comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage. It also has a slightly smaller battery with 3100 Mah which is still larger than those on S9.

So, what does these sacrifices mean ? 6GB RAM or finger print sensor over at the power button does not mean a lot of difference. These are something one can live with. You only need 8GB of RAM as a precaution for future proofing if you are planning to use this smartphone for 2 years are more. Other than that most changes are mere simple ones.

But the one that does make the difference is the camera. Telephoto lens may not seem as much of a loss, but having one on your smartphone does change the way you take images. If you are the one having a telephoto lens on your camera, like if you are using iPhone X or XS and looking to jump, the telephoto lens is something that you would miss and you should probably look at buying the expensive S10.

Other than that, this is a perfect smartphone starting at $750 which plenty of people would be looking to buy.


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