Unemployment highest in 45 years : Unpublished report states

Is real impact on jobs worse than anticipated after demonetisation and Goods and Service Tax implementation by the state ?

Business standard published an article based on leaked NSSO(National Sample Survey Office) report on unemployment which stated that unemployment in India is at is highest in 45 years.

India’s unemployment stood at 8.9% in 2017-18, the unreleased NSSO data says. The newspaper reported that the current weekly status unemployment rate was 9.1% for females and 8.8% for males, according to NSSO.

Shortly after the article was published NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar organised a press meet in which he claimed that the report is in “draft” state and is not finalised.

But however two members from NSSO commission resigned stating that the government was unwilling to publish the report. P.C.Mohanan former chairman of NSSO who resigned due to reasons as cited above claimed that the report was in final form as NSSO has already approved the report. As per usual procedure the report is released after then which the analysis is done.

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