Switching to Amazon Music : Apple Music vs Amazon Music (India)

Amazon introduced Amazon Music bundled with its “Prime”option some time ago. How does Amazon Music stand up with Apple Music, another paid music subscription app in India ?

Amazon introduced its music service in India in the middle of 2018. First i was hesitant to use it because i was Apple Music for a long time and i was pretty happy with it. I also have a Prime subscription because i use Amazon to buy stuffs a lot and i pretty much love free one-day delivery option prime offers. But hey, i am paying for a service in extra that was already coupled with Prime and thought that i would give it a shot.

Music Collection :

One of the advantages of Apple Music is it got a wide variety of collection including Kollywood songs from early 2000’s. Apple also has ties with music creators including Taylor Swift for some exclusives.

Coming to Amazon music, it does have the same amount of collection Apple does. So far i did not find out any missing albums. So far so good.

When coming to playing the Radio, Apple Music does a pretty good job of playing my favourites and tune my recommendations than Amazon Music.


One of the main reasons that i preferred Apple Music is because i have an iPhone and a Mac and Apple Music sings well with both of them as its pretty much their default application.

I did like the interface on Amazon Music on iPhone. Navigation was easy and it overall the interface was pretty neat and clean.  But i still prefer the cleaner look Apple Music has to offer.

Coming to Mac Desktop Application, it could have been better. I found navigation on Desktop application to be little bit tough. The search bar placement and design could have been better.

Amazon Music Desktop Interface

One of the main things i hate about using 3rd party music application is it does sing well with the operating system like the default one does. Siri music recognition opens Apple Music every time and when i try to use in-line controls on my headphones, Apple Music plays the music every time. (I do have cancelled my subscription but it plays a few songs that i have purchased from iTunes.)

It’s not just the story with iOS, Android sings well with Play Music than it does with Amazon Music. And what is Alexa doing in Prime Music.  I does not start up when i call for it when the music is playing. If i have to use my hands to change my music, then Alexa does not serve any purpose at all.


Negative points with application apart, Amazon Music does have a value its money. It comes bundled with Prime, for which you get Prime Video (Post coming soon) Amazon’s competitor to Netflix and free one day deliveries. If you are a person who orders a lot on Amazon, then Prime subscription is advisable and Amazon Music makes sense.It costs 999 per year which is less than Apple Music but offers way more services and if you are a Vodafone subscriber you get prime for 499 !

Maybe it’s something you should give a try. Subscribe to prime using this link or by clicking at the image below.

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