BumbleBee : Movie Experience

Transformers fan ? Its a movie for you folks !!

Bumblebee relives the past story of our favourite robot friend, BumbleBee. Its directed by Travis Knight. The story begins when Bumblebee is sent to earth by Optimus Prime to remain hidden and protect the planet as its our last hope of survival. Back then BumbleBee does not have a name but is rather called as B127.

After a battle, Bumblebee is left injured, memory lost on earth and remains as Volkswagen Beetle who them is bought to life by a teenager girl who has a craze for cars. The story builds around the girl and B127, whom gets named as BumbleBee by the girl.

The movie is welcome gift to the ill struck Transformers franchise which honestly haven’t had a good story line after the “Dark Side of the Moon” movie. Most franchise fans like me have long forgotten the transformers franchise and BumbleBee movie which I didn’t even knew was coming to theatres this December is something the franchise needs to live on.

It brings back the nostalgia from the days back when the first transformers movie came out with story revolving around one of our most loved characters of the franchise. Honestly, this may be one of the best movie that the franchise might have got.

It does have the fancy villains or big animations but brings a sense of satisfaction when we watch the movie. This movie is sure don’t miss for every transformers fans out there.

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