Goa : The Blend of Portuguese and Indian Food Culture

I always wanted to taste variety of cuisines around the world. Travel around the world, look and learn about every culture and eat variety of food. And that was one of the goal I had during the recent trip to Goa, a small state on south of India famous for its parties and not very much for its food.

This edition of Detroit Food Safari digs deeper into Goa’s “Food Culture”.

Goa was once ruled by Portuguese during the period when British ruled India. A mix of Portuguese food culture can be seen everywhere.You get a piece of bread served regardless of whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just an example.

Chicken ? Good. Fish ? Good. Prawns ? Gooooddd… In short, Goa is one of the tastiest cuisines in India. I stayed there for a total of three days, and I totally enjoyed the food I ate there. It was so tasty, I want to go on a trip to Goa, again just to experience the food there.

Chicken Barbeque was my favourite in chicken. Juicy, spicy and crispy right out from fire. That’s speciality of barbeque chicken over at Goa. I didn’t need any mayonnaise or chutney to add taste, it was prefect the way it was. Gravies had a mix of coconut in them, much like in Kerala. It wasn’t too spicy. But I liked it.

Fish and Prawns are famous in Goa. You can get an entire fish and get them fried in any hotel for less than 1000 rupees. Entire fish in sense a fish that weighs more or equal to a kilo. Fish is not deep fried like in other states but rather cooked in barbecue style. Like chicken, the water content in fish doesn’t get evaporated as its not deep fried and adds a juicy taste to the fish. Add it together with fried rice, that’s prefect.

Prawns are pretty good starters in Goa. Its pretty cheap than rest of the country. Prawn cutlet, a kind of prawn fry is one of the famous starters of Goa. It kind of tasted odd first, but at the end I wanted more of them. Prawn and fish cutlet is coated with Rava and fried deep. The Rava adds a different flavour to the food. But the bad part is it also makes the food heavy.

In short, Goa is a cool place to have party. And along with parties comes tasty food.

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