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Russia is famous for many things. But little we know about its taste in food. And that’s the reason Russia opened “Winter Palace”, a Russian cuisine restaurant at its Cultural Center in Chennai. And folks from Detroit Food Safari gave it a try to tell you guys what to expect from that place.

Ambience is one of the factors that I consider when I go to hotels. Usually I divide the hotels from 1-5 star categories with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. 5-star hotels are always off my budget. Winter Palace easily costs a minimum of 1000 for two people and easily enters my 4-star category, meaning the ambience is pretty important.

The seating is good. It’s Russian themed as expected. I visited the place on Saturday and it wasn’t crowded at all. Its a pretty good place to visit if you are expecting a calm dinner.

And next comes the food. I don’t know how the cuisine would even be. The menu wasn’t pictured, which would be helpful if it was as most people who would be coming there won’t know what the food actually is. But the people who are taking the menu was pretty understanding and was calm enough to answer all the questions we had.

After a pretty long thought, I decided to go with “Prawns Seared” for starters, “Beef Stroganoff”for main course coupled with “Chicken Oliver Salad”.

Russian cuisine does not have any spice at all. I should have known it as most of the country is filled with snow and its pretty hard to grow spices there. Prawns had a little spice in them. Both the Beef and the salad did not have any spice at all. Salad had some vegetables along with potato and chicken mixed with cheese and mayo. Beef also the same story. Cooked beef mixed with Mayo sauce is pretty much what “Beef Stroganoff” is.

I didn’t like the taste, mostly because it didn’t have any spice at all and the food smelled like raw meat mixed in cheese. But it’s worth a try. Now I know that I have to pack sealed food when I travel to Russia.

Winter Palace is located inside Russian Cultural Center in Alwarpet. Give it a try guys, but make sure that you have something to eat when you return home.

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