Asia Kitchen By Main Land China : #Detroitfoodsafari Review

Chinese food is more popular among youngsters. But is it really authentic Chinese ones ? What’s does Chinese cuisine looks like ?

That was our challenge, and we started searching for restaurants that offer authentic Chinese food and Asia Kitchen by Main Land China turned up in our radars. This post is all about Chinese cuisine and does Main Land China actually offer what they claim to ?

Read more in this edition of Detroit Food Safari.

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Whats actually is Chinese cuisine ? Well its actually a complex question. Numerous cuisines in Asia is known as Chinese cuisine. But what does all of them have in common ? Chinese cuisine uses Soya Beans or Soya Sauce in them. They use Soy Milk, Soy Oil as some of important ingredient in dishes. They prefer lot of ginger and capsicum for seasoning.

But hey, most of the multi cuisine restaurants have them right ? Well yeah. Along with use of Soya beans, noodles etc, another important characteristic of Chinese foods are that they aren’t spicy and their meat tend to be half cooked. Most of the food we eat in usual multi cuisine restaurant don’t have both of these property. The taste usually gets altered to more suit the likings of local people.

So, how does Asia Kitchen stand up ?

It’s a 4-star category hotel, costing about 1000 for two peoples. It’s usually pretty busy during weekends. So I would advise you to book your table to avoid waiting at the hotel. But its a pretty good place to have a pretty calm dinner even on a crowded day.

The service is pretty good. They have a digital menu, meaning that the menu card is a tablet running an application from which you can select your food. I would have been pretty happy if all the food items had a picture so we can know what it is. But the menu had pretty good explanation of what you can expect from a dish. The only problem I faced was that the application was so slow and lagged so much that I missed the old card menu so much.

And now how good is the food ?

I ordered Duck Rolls for starters and Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles for Main Course. Note that one main course is more than enough for two people. The Duck rolls was simply “Yummy !! ” . I wanted more and more. It was that good.

Next is Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles. I kind of have a mixed feelings about the noodles. It’s wasn’t spicy and had a lemon favouring to it. It was good. But the lemon flavouring made it harder to eat.

Did I get what I expected ? Pretty much yeah. Most of the food items in the menu didn’t seem spicy and the meat as expected was half cooked and had a lot of soya sauce in them. A large number of half cooked veggies, Soya, and meat looks pretty good Chinese to me.

Do I recommend it ? Pretty much yeah ! If Main Land China has a branch near you, then pretty much you should give it a visit. Remember to book a table before you visit. Check out the restaurant on Zomato !

Asia Kitchen by Mainland China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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