Just Not Today : Episode 5

Episode 4 of blog series “Just Not Today”

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Dairy Entry : 16 August 2010

You would not believe what happened today. It happened in the period I hate the most, “Library”. I did not think that I would have had the courage. But somehow I did it. I. talked with her !!

It was like this.  As usual I was wondering what to do in my library hour. And there she was standing across me searching  for a book to read. She reads a lot. I don’t even know how to pass my time in the library. But suddenly,  I saw a book about ships that might interest me.  And  near  it,  there she was standing.

I thought it was the  right time to talk with her. I went  across and asked if she could pass me the book.  Viola ! I have spoke with her at last.  This is a day to remember.

And there  was George reading his story sitting and reading his story about his childhood. As George read the book, tears rolled down his  cheeks.  What happened to George that made him so sad when he read about his childhood ?

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Written by Arul Prakash Samathuvamani

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