The new iPad Pro Bends !! Literally like a piece of paper.

Apple announced the iPad Pro during an event at end of October. It is the most priced iPad with A12X Bionic Processor with performance benchmarking more than 70% of laptops in the industry.

Jerry Rig Everything, a YouTuber who tests durability of smartphones bend tested iPad Pro. And it FAILED !!

Apple products are known for its innovation, quality and user experience. Especially you expect a product to be well built when its close to $1000. But you can see in his video (linked below) that the iPad actually bends into half with just a little amount of force. Looking at the video, the amount of force is almost similar to a force one would exert on an iPad when someone accidentally sits on it.

That’s pretty shocking. I sit on my iPad by mistake. It happens. It’s an 10 inch device approximately. But there is no enough reinforcement to side of the frame to prevent any sort of bend in it. The whole side of the iPad has aluminium side bands, magnets to support charging Apple pencil and Apple’s range of accessories. Aluminium is a malleable metal. There is no reinforcement whatsoever to support the frame. The display is so thin to provide strength and also the 70% of the body of the iPad Pro consists only the battery which does not increase the strength of the iPad.

Is is a factor to consider when buying an iPad Pro ?

Yeah. Pretty much. Phones bend. Famous brands do make mistakes sometimes. iPhone 6s bends. Nexus 6P failed in bend test. Miserably. But the iPad is something that would be subjected to more bending force than phones, mostly when you travel around with backpack. And its pretty much not possible to be careful every time.

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