Pizza Hut : Unlimited Pan Pizza Experience

Entering the shop and looking at the ambience and the environment I had high hopes for having a pleasant dinner. How did I feel when I left the shop ?

For starters, Pizza Hut offers unlimited Pan Pizza every Friday in all of its stores for Rs. 249 (Veg) and Rs. 299 (Non-Veg). You get two types of Pizza  usually of signature type or lower. Along with unlimited Pizza, you get a single serving of Garlic Bread. Adding unlimited servings of Pepsi costs 99 more.

I decided not to have Pepsi for the day and decided to go ahead with Veg unlimited Pizza. But there was no one to serve me at all. Not even there to take an order. There were more than 6 servers at the shop, but most of them were busy. But the shop wasn’t even full. The shop was only handling 50% of its designed capacity.

After an agonising 15 minute wait, a person finally took my order. But guess what, the Pizza came to my table after an whole 15 minutes. Yes. Pizza’s do take time to cook. But its unlimited servings and you get a piece served by the server when asked for. And the pizza I got wasn’t even hot.

Second, the garlic bread. It’s just a piece of bread with a little ghee in it. It didn’t even closely resemble anything like garlic bread. Okay. I got a piece of pizza after 15 minutes, and I had to wait an another 15 whole minutes to get another piece. I was so hungry that I got so much frustrated but I couldn’t do anything.

Every time a waiter passes by, he asks me what I want and I say have ordered for unlimited Pizza and the guy goes inside and comes outside with Pizza and serves another table. I get the store is busy, but its wasn’t even full and its Friday evening and you know you are going to get crowd, why not have more staffs ?

I finished my dinner after 2 whole hours of frustration. Most of the pizza I got wasn’t hot at all and I could not even eat half of it. But I had to stay there anyway just to fill up my tummy.

Would I go there a second time for unlimited pizza ? Not at this branch of Pizza Hut. I went to branch over at Pheonix Market City,Chennai. I have linked the the Zomato link to the restaurant page in case you want to check it out (which I strongly advise not to.)

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