Just Not Today : Episode 4

Episode 4 of blog series “Just Not Today”

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Dairy Entry : 15 August 2010

I thought it would be my secret. But my friends somehow know that I like her. That’s odd. Maybe that’s what friendship is about. They started making fun of me today. It was in cafeteria, when she was asking server for a cup of coffee, my friends shouted that I need coffee too. She noticed it and gave a weird look at us. But that’s the first look that she gave at me, at it kind of felt good like it gave me some king of inner tingling. A mixture of both happiness and fear. I looked down at the moment she looked at me. It was for a second. That I looked at her. But it was good. Happiness, I get it when I look at her, but I liked the fear that I got when she looked at me. I don’t know why I was afraid when she saw me.

That entire day, she noticed that I was following her. That’s good. For all this time I wondered that she knew if I ever existed but now she does. I don’t know where this would take me, let’s see.

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Written by Arul Prakash Samathuvamani

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