The Big Bang Theory – Not the TV series

There are several theories that relate to how the universe as we know came into existence. One of the most accepted theories among them is the Big Bang theory.

In this post we would see briefly about the origins of the Big Bang theory and how it explains the origins of the universe

I love space. Mostly because of so many questions that comes into my head when I think about it. One of the most asked question by all is how the universe came into existence ?

There are several theories and mythologies that explain the origin of the universe. Each religion has its own way of explaining how the universe was created. But physics has many ways to explain it too, steady state universe, eternal inflation universe being some. But one of the commonly accepted theories is the “Big Bang Theory”.

Heard about the Hubble Space telescope that takes beautiful pictures of far away universe from outer space? It’s named after Edwin Hubble. He stated Hubble’s law. Hubble found that the galaxies aren’t always in a same position but rather keep on moving. Not only galaxies but all the celestial objects move at a constant rate. He found that the universe is not a constant one, but keeps on expanding or in other words inflating. The universe is not always of a constant size but keeps on increasing.


This Hubble’s law of expansion was soon developed and soon came out the Big Bang theory or the theory of the origin of the universe.

At the beginning, the universe was not as big as we see today. It’s said that the universe was a so infinitely small, so dense and hot that it could no longer remain at the same state. As a result, the infinitely small point exploded giving out particles of matter. The energy of the explosion was so high that the expansion that happened during the initial explosion continues to this date and the universe keeps on expanding. The initial explosion became known as the “Big Bang” and the theory was named as the “Big Bang Theory”.

Why is Big Bang theory accepted by most scientists ?

Scientists are still unsure about many of the things that happened after the initial explosion. But the reason why Big Bang theory is mostly accepted is because it fits most of the things that we see in the universe. For example, a cosmic radiation much similar to ones from our TV antennas can be seen through out the universe. It is believed to be the reminiscence of the Big Bang or the light that occurred during the Big Bang.

Though Big Bang answers most questions of the universe, there are still many questions that remains unanswered.

“Fun Fact: Hydrogen and Helium are believed to be the first particles created during the Big Bang.”

What lies beyond our universe ?

What happens when the universe stops expanding ?

Is there a universe beyond our universe ?


Most of the questions remains unanswered or have answers that seems kind of comical. That being said, space exploration is one of the most interesting fields and I love reading about it. More posts about interesting things in the universe are coming up ! Stay tuned for that !



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