Look into MoonRakers-Mahabalipuram

Detroit Food Safari’s look into  “Moonrakers” at Mahabalipuram,Chennai

Most Chennaities would have heard about Moonrakers  somewhere. It’s one of the famous restaurants in Mahabalipuram offering seafood specialties.It’s can be located fairly easily and I have linked its Zomato page below.

Moonrakers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The hotel is one of the most crowded ones. But luckily there are more than one building with capacity to serve more than 100 peoples.Finding a place on a weekend afternoon wasn’t hard. You could dine either in AC or grab a seat in Non-AC seating enjoying the sea breeze.

This restaurant serves alcohol and nobody restricts people when they smoke. Most youngsters come here after partying along the beach. It’s advisable that you take the AC. It’s better to eat in peace than teaching mindless people who smoke in public places.  Regardless, Moonrakers is a family restaurant.

Looking at the menu, you could try international cuisines or have some good South Indian seafood cuisine. I preferred South Indian.Rice coupled with fish curry and fish fry.  Unlike some. restaurants, you don’t have a choice in the type of fish you getting curry, but you do have choice when it comes to Fish Fry. Please mind that the prices of the fishes are dependent on day to day market prices.  But most of the time, the price would be around  the one in menu.

Taste wise,  the fish fry is throughly cooked and the fish was marinated throughly. The recipes used for marination was pretty unique though,  with spices like garlic well mixed.  It was good and I loved it. It’s a must try. But fish curry was a different story. It had a weird oil smell and couldn’t eat it much.

Is the restaurant worth the hype? Yes. It’s one of the few restaurants in Chennai that has sea food as its main cuisine. The hotel had pretty good variety in prawns and crab. I didn’t try those though as I wasn’t into prawns that day. The price is pretty decent for South Indian Cuisine. But the price is sure steep when you want to try International cuisines. Those cuisines are targeted towards international customers who visit Mahabalipuram. And its not bad to try something different.

Been to Moonrakers? What’s the dish that you prefer and suggest for our readers? Comment below.

Visit Moonrakers over at Zomato, the hotel finder application.

Moonrakers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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