Love Across Galaxies

The legend story people separated by stars but united by love.

Altair was a young boy who lost his father at a young age. His brothers decided to split his father’s  property. Altair being the youngest among them got least from the splitting, an old bull. Altair separated himself from his brothers and bought himself a small field and some cows and set to work on the field using his bull.

One Sunday evening, Altair sat beside a tree and sung one old love melody that he knew on his flute. And all of the sudden, a dove came swooping from the orange painted evening sky and beside him landed a beautiful young women with skin as bright as the sun and face as beautiful as the sun.

The lady is. Vega, Princess of the heavenly skies who came down hearing the melodious song sung by Altair. Altair in surprise asked who she was. Vega replied, ” I am Vega, Princess of the heavenly skies, I came down hearing your lovely song to learn more about you. Who are You ?” Altair replied ” I am Altair, lowly cow herder”. Vega asked “Would you play the song again for me ?”

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And so did Altair for the next two months during which Vega would come down from the heavens every sunrise and go back before sunset as Vega being an heavenly being is not allowed to talk with humans. Altair and Vega fell in love.

One day, mother of Vega became suspicious about where about of Vega and sent a messenger to follow Vega. Knowing that Vega is interacting with a mortal, Mother of Vega became furious and descended into the field and dragged Vega home.

Altair who became upset without seeing Vega decided to set out in search of Vega. To his surprise,  his old bull spoke with Altair as Vega transferred some of her powers to his bull, informed Altair about Vega’s whereabouts. Altair got on back of his bull took off to heaven.

Vega’s mom knowing this created a river which is now known as Milky Way galaxy between Altair and Vega. Altair came to the edge of the river and shared a final look with Vega. They both started weeping, wishing there was a way they could be together.

Vega’s father on seeing Altair and Vega’s love became sympathetic and wished that they could be together for a day. And there after every year for that single day, a cloud of magpies comes and creates a bridge across the river so that Altair and Vega can be together for one day.

Altair and Vega are two brightest stars in the sky. And the day seventh day in seventh month of lunar calendar is celebrated as Valentine’s Day according to Chinese tradition. The Qixi Festival, also known as the Qiqiao Festival, is a Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in mythology. It symbolises the purity and how love arises between two individuals regardless of their differences.

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