Like Pixel’s Camera ? Here is how you can get it.

Do you like the photos that was taken on the pixel ? Want your smartphone to take better photos that what it already does ? Here is how you can.

Pixel has great camera hardware. But so does other flagship smartphones. But what makes Pixel’s camera so great that makes it the smartphone camera champ for three consecutive years?

Computational Photography or in other words, post processing the shots after they were taken makes Pixel’s photo’s look so good than others. Its Android and every software can be ported and so does the camera application on the Pixel.

Folks over at XDA developers have ported the camera application from both Pixel and Pixel 2. Linked below is the best port you can find to most of the smartphones running Android P.Check it out. Note that you have to enable third party application installation on your smartphone in order to install APK’s. Downloading and installing APK’s from unknown sources is dangerous. Install APK’s from sources that you trust.

Google Camera Port Hub –  XDA Developers

Comment below if you want to see a separate post on Pixel’s image processing.

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