Teardrop Notch Phone : One Plus 6T

It’s been a busy month. Companies have been pushing out their latest and greatest into the market in time for the holiday season. One Plus released its second flagship, the 6T. Let’s see how does the 6T stands compared to other android smartphones.

Competition is here now. Poco released its flagship smartphone, the Poco F1 at Rs.20000, a price territory that has been crowned by the flagship killer ” One Plus “. With new smartphones at flagship specifications at much lower prices, smartphones from other players like Apple, Google look like trash to most peoples eyes. What’s the catch here ?

Let’s look at the specifications.

Processor – Snapdragon 845.

Display – 6.4 inch Optic AMOLED Display With tear drop notch and in-screen finger print sensor.

Camera – Dual 16MP + 20 MP f1.7 shooter with OIS Rear Camera. 16 MP single front shooter.

Internals – 256 GB, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB, 6/8 GB RAM.

Battery – 3700 Mah with Dash Charger. Type C USB Connector.

Price – Starts at Rs.37,999 or $579.

Looks cool right ? At 40k price range, One Plus 6T easily beats all other smartphones in terms of cost. You get excellent display, flagship range specifications at a price that’s less than all other flagship smartphones. Then why shouldn’t you buy one ?

In-screen finger print sensor is one of the features that One Plus highlighted during the launch event. Its a single camera that takes photos of your finger to identify you. LED’s on the screen light up the bottom of your fingers. The LED on the screen are unidirectional. The only light outwards and does not emit light into the camera under the screen making the screen translucent.

The finger print reader is quick. It takes up a second or two to recognise your finger and fails to recognise my finger sometimes, but hey ! its a pretty cool tech to have at our hands. And next is the tear down notch. The front earphones is tugged up to top of the smartphone and the ear phone sounds pretty good. But we loose any chances of having stereo speakers. But tear down notch looks aesthetically good compared to Pixel 3 XL. What would you prefer? Pixel 3’s huge notch coupled with stereo speakers or One Plus’s tear down notch ? Comment Below.

The display is pretty good. It’s not as colour accurate as the competition but does the job. Most of people buying this smartphone wouldn’t find much difference. But when you compare it side by side with flagship smartphones from Samsung or Google, you would definitely find some difference in terms of colour accuracy. The blacks don’t get really black and the display is not as saturated as other smartphones.It’s a pretty good display. I am not blaming it. But its not perfect either.

With Snapdragon 845 coupled with 6GB of RAM, this smartphone flies. Oxygen OS is one of the few ROM’s that’s modded by the manufacturer that remains as close as to stock as it can. Oxygen OS introduces few tweaks that makes the user interface even more intuitive. Like for example, the drop down notification from anywhere on the home screen or the ability to turn on and off the soft keys. It’s something that I love. It’s easily one of my favourite android ROMs.

Camera is pretty good. In my perspective I love images that looks saturated some what more than that those took by One Plus 6T. The images look somewhat dull compared to images from pixel or iPhone.Images from the front facing camera is softer. Noise appears little more on images taken during low light on both front and rear facing camera.I would still prefer Pixel as my day to day shooter. But for most of the people this camera would work still fine. Considering the huge price difference between the pixel and the One Plus, this is a solid camera.

Coming to battery, this is not an all day smartphone. Battery is easily one of the weak points of One Plus 6T. It drains out before the end of the day and I had to plug it in before the day ends. But Dash charger makes things easy, it charges 63% of the phone in 30 minutes of time. Its good to have dash charger around.But I wouldn’t trust this phone to take photos on weekend getaways when you can’t find a charging port.

Concluding the post. Should you buy an One Plus ? Sure its a great smartphone and if your don’t want to spend a ton of money on your smartphone, then One Plus is your choice. But if are willing to spend some more cash, I would recommend buying a Pixel 3 instead of One Plus.


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