Just Not Today : Episode 2

Episode 2 of Blog Series “Just Not Today”

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Episode 2:

Diary Entry : 25 July 2010

Life was easy for me. I am an easy going guy, I don’t care how life life goes. My life goal ? I just want to keep myself happy. And what makes me happy ? Sleep. Wow !! Everyone knows it and it does not need to be explained. Sleep is like magic and I just love to sleep all along. Eat. Sleep. And Repeat. My life karma.

Apart from that, my life is filled with usual stuffs like everyone else. Boring schools, lessons that I don’t understand and exams that don’t have a meaning. And that’s all boring. Apart from that, I love to play badminton. I am not a so complex guy you know. Just a typical guy who hates school like everyone else and just loves to sleep.

My life wasn’t so complex until she entered into my life. You all know how I felt when I met her. Life wasn’t the same from ┬áthat day. I stopped sleeping in classes and started listening. Not to the teachers of course, but to her. The way she acts, that made me happy. That happiness was more than the happiness that I get while I was sleeping. I felt different. Am I getting lost somewhere? What’s my brain thinking? Am I ok? I don’t know. But I just want everything to be okay.

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Written by Arul Prakash Samathuvamani


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