Best Tech Deals You Can Get Today

It’s festive season over at Amazon and Flipkart and both the sellers are having some pretty good deals over there. Looking to go on a trip and looking for some accessories ? Here is a few of them in my radar that I feel might be worth purchasing this festive season.

1. Mi 10000 Mah Power Bank

Deal Price: Rs. 699

Original Price: Rs. 1,199

Power banks are great especially when you are on an trip taking a lot of photos and posting them on Instagram. Battery drains fast and its good to know that you have a backup in hand. That’s when Mi’s 10000 Mah power bank comes in handy. It can power up an iPhone full 3 times after it has drained. It’s worth a buy !

Check out the deal over at Flipkart by clicking the image below !



2. Motorola Pulse 2 Wired Headset

Deal Price: Rs.599

Original Price: Rs.1,499

Want to listen to music in peace? Love to hear the tiny details that’s in songs? Headphones are prefect for music lovers ! and Motorola Pulse is a pretty good headset for its price. Its decent at both high and low range. It has pretty good bass considering its price.

Check out the deal over at Flipkart by clicking the image below !



3.JBL C150SIUBLK Headset with Mic

Deal Price: Rs.600

Original Price: Rs.1,399

Over ear headsets are heavy for some and for them, a decent pair of headphones might be pretty good enough. And that’s where JBL wired headphones comes in. Its pretty balanced. But has some distortions at high volumes. But worth for the price.

Check out the deal over at Flipkart by clicking the image below !

4.Skullcandy S2PGW-K615 in-Ear Wireless Earphones

Deal Price: Rs.3,299

Original Price: Rs.5,499

Wireless earphones are tuff ones to buy. Especially when you are in a budget and looking to buy a decent pair of earphones. The quality isn’t good on most budget wireless earphones and there is too much loss in quality. Skull candy does not have them, It’s decent sounding earphones with a good battery life.

Check out the deal over at Amazon by clicking the image below !




5.Canon 3000D DSLR

Deal Price: Rs. 20,900

Original Price: Rs. 31,999

Smartphones cameras are getting too good to a point that we feel that we don’t need a separate camera anymore. But DSLR offers features and options and flexibility that smartphones can’t offer.  And Canon 3000D is a prefect DSLR to buy if you are beginner looking into photography.

Check out the deal over at Flipkart by clicking the image below !



Note: @arul2810 is not responsible for products sold on seller websites. All offers listed above is valid till October 25.

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