iPhone XS or The Pixel 3

The competition between the $1000 and $700 smartphones

So we have seen the latest and greatest from one the top most companies in the world, Apple and Google. The iPhone XS and Pixel 3.

Without argument both of the phones are outstanding smartphones. But which one to choose from ?


Pixel has outstanding camera for the past two years and the trend continues this year too. Photos from the Pixel looks more sharp and crisp especially the Pixel’s front camera.And thanks to Google’s image processing, the snaps from the pixel looks more saturated and true to the eye than the iPhone. Comparing to iPhone, Pixel does perform a better particularly it does a better job of identifying portions of my hair than the iPhone.

Pixel 3 Front Camera Sample

But it all comes to individuals choice. Some people like the image that is taken by an iPhone than the Pixel. Some like Pixel more. Some like the simplicity that iPhone camera app has to offer. Some like wide control of Pixel’s

iPhone XS front camera sample

Both of them are wonderful smartphone cameras and one has to look in the eye and compare which one they like more.


When it comes to performance, iPhone always wins over Pixel or any smartphone for that matter. I have used Galaxies and Pixels but for me each, every android device lags after couple of months of usage. Apps starts to crash and battery begins to drain faster. But i haven’t seen any of that in iPhone so far. Yes, Apple clocks down the processor when battery begins to degrade. But still iPhones are so much better than Android when it comes to performance. iOS is the champ in this department. Thanks to beautiful hardware and software integration, my iPhone 8 is much more smoother than before after the new iOS 12 update which usually never happens in Android’s case.

Is iPhone XS worth the price ?

Cost is one of the most spoken factors about the iPhone launch this year(Almost every year). iPhone XS starts at $999 base price which the XS max costs a $100 more starting at $1,099. Damn that’s cost of an Macbook Pro !

Yes. There is a lot of smartphones that are so damn good under $500 and iPhones doesn’t seem to have the value that it had before. Poco and One Plus both made wonderful smartphones that costs far kore less. But 70% of people who had or has an iPhone is still willing to buy from Apple than other manufacturers. iPhone owners are not the people that Poco and One Plus targets. It targets people who are “mid-range” smartphone owners. iPhone owners or people who are looking to buy Pixel or any other smartphones wouldn’t mind shelling out more cash to buy from Apple.

But is iPhone XS worth the price ? Maybe Not.


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