Just Not Today : Introduction

Blog Series : Just Not Today ❤️ : Episode One : Introduction

Hey, people call me George. And this is my story. At time of writing, i am 18 years old and this story begins when i was 16. This is the period when i become an adult. Learning what my passion was and what my goal was and what i should be. This is the story of two years in my life.

It all begins when i first met her. I was having some fun with my friends over at school. And suddenly, one of my friends pushed me towards her. And that changed all. Love is like sunlight. Absorbed through my skin, with a photosynthesis of feelings, illuminating the passion inside of me, glowing within me and for me she is my sun and for me she gave the power to grow into a better man. The story of how she made me a better man.


  • End of Episode One.
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Written by Arul Prakash Samathuvamani

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