Welcome iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Gone are the numbered naming scheme of iPhones. This year’s latest and greatest of smartphones from Apple are XS, XS Max and XR. What’s in store this year ?


iPhone releases are always exciting for me. This is mostly because Apple sets the standards for most of the smartphones notches for example which was a controversial topic during the launch but most of the smartphones that came after it followed the same design. Apple is not always the first to bring new technologies but if Apple releases something, most other companies tend to follow it just because its a safe bet to make.

Apple released three smartphone this year. Or rather two series of smartphones. Like iPhone 8 and iPhone X of the previous generation. iPhone XS and XS Max represents more premium version while XR represents less premium version or scrapped down version of XR. To be clear, both iPhone XS and XR is powered by same A12 Bionic Processor which is expected to have 50% more graphic performance at half the battery power. But the difference between them is in the screen, battery and the materials that they are made from.

iPhone XS is made from stainless steel with some new upgrades from the ones on the iPhone X. iPhone XR is made from Aluminium like the iPhone 8. Personally i like the Aluminum on the iPhone XR than XS mostly because aluminium is less prone to scratches than the shiny stainless steel on iPhone XS.

iPhone XS comes in two screen sizes. The smaller XS comes with 5.8 inch notched display while the XS Max comes with 6.2 inch notched display. Both the displays are super retina OLED panels that look gorgeous. iPhone XR comes with new upgraded 5.8 inch notched LCD display that Apple likes to call Liquid Retina display. Apple claims that its the best LCD display till date, but still LCD’s are LCDs and they never match the quality of an OLED panel. And at the price at which Apple sells these phones, LCD’s on iPhone XR is never really a good deal.

As far as camera goes, both the iPhone XS and XS max carries dual 12 MP wide angle and telephoto lenses. Apple claims that with A12 image processing, we should get better picture compared to other smartphones. Usually Apple makes the best camera’s in the industry. Always in top 3 regardless of the specifications. But i would still love to have a look at the camera and see how it performs just to be sure. New post would be written after reviewing the samples from iPhone XS stay tuned for that.

iPhone XR technically carries the same primary 12 MP lens but instead of dual camera system, it has a single lens meaning iPhone XR will not have optical zoom that is on iPhone XS but it can still take portrait mode shots thanks to its new A12 chip’s image processing. But both iPhone XS and XR has 7MP front facing camera with depth sensor meaning face ID works with both iPhone XS and XR. No sacrifices here.

Apple didn’t mention the battery size on these smartphones but did note that iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X and XS Max lasts 1 hr and 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. iPhone XR on the other hand lasts 1 hr and 30 minutes longer than iPhone 8. This technically means that iPhone XS Max has the largest battery capacity and XR the least.


iPhone XS Color options

iPhone XS and XS Max comes at black,white and gold and starts at $999 and $1099 respectively. Both smartphones are available at 64,256 and 512 GB storage. iPhone XR on the other hand starts at $749 and comes in Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Blue and Black with 64, 128 and 256 GB storage option. iPhone XS and XR goes sale 21 September and pre-order starts from 14th September.

What’s you opinion on the new iPhone ? Comment below. Are you looking to buy one ?


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