Poco F1 : Initial Impressions

Poco is the new brand/lineup of highly affordable flagship smartphone by Xiaomi breaking records on its first flash sale on Flipkart earning Xiaomi 200 crores in less than 5 minutes the phone went on sale yesterday. I am yet to get my hands on the smartphone but here is my initial impressions about it.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, upto 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage, Dual 12 MP +5MP camera, 4000 Mah battery, IR face unlock are the specifications of Poco F1. Flagship grade yes. Price ? Poco F1 starts to retail at Rs. 20,999 exclusively on Flipkart on flash sale basics.

I have seen this before. Five years ago, a small company named One Plus came out with One Plus One. World’s first smartphone powered by community built Cyanogen OS. Apart from Cyanogen there was one thing that made the phone so popular. It’s price. It started to retail at Rs. 19,900 for 16 GB variant. The company sold the phone on invite only basics. It was one of the hardest phone to get hands on. But it was also simply the most spoken one of course. Mostly it was because of its price. It made much impact on markets like India, where smartphone prices makes a lot of difference in the quantity of sales. People just wanted most out of the smartphone for their bucks.

One Plus easily became one of the top sellers in the country. Then came Xiaomi with their low priced mid range smartphones. The Redmi Series smartphones. The Redmi series had the best bang for the buck. Other competitors found it so hard to compete with Xiaomi  in terms of price. But that was in mid range market. But with Poco, Xiaomi is aiming towards the high end market which is now crowned by One Plus.

Costing more than Rs.10000 less for base model, Poco F1 offers everything that One Plus has under the hood for a much more less price. Xiaomi claims that in order to offer the price they made sacrifices to the product like not having waterproofing or having a poly carbonate back instead of metal. 

The photos from the samples of the Poco camera looks good. But when compared side by side with one from One Plus, the camera on the One Plus does seem little better. People who had their hands on the phone claim that the Poco F1 polycarbonate back seems just as solid as a metal one and in fact better in terms of durability especially comparing with One Plus’s glass back. Speaking of durability the Poco F1 has gorilla Glass 3 glass on front which might be little more prone to scratches than other smartphones. But most wear screen guard anyway and may not be a deal breaker for many.

The Poco phone has 4000 Mah battery coupled with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 should give sufficient juice for usage of most of the people even to the most hard core gamers ( whom Xiami claims that they have designed the phone for.). Quick Charge 3.0 also means that the phone can be recharged quicker which is good news especially considering the 4000 Mah battery. The liquid cooling technology is fancy naming for cooling the processor, which also means that the phone should not thermal throttle ( low clock cycle due to over heating of processor) which some smartphones have these days.

Overall Poco is a solid package for the money. Would i buy it ? Maybe not. It’s just because of the fact that lack of water proofing is a deal breaker for me. Wireless charging maybe a loss for some. But for most of the people who are looking to buy smartphone with higher specification but not willing to spend a ton of money, then Poco F1 is your best bet. I would add a new post to the page once i get my hands on the smartphone. Subscribe to the page to stay updated.

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