End of iconic Sathyam ?

Ever heard of Sathyam Cinemas or SPI cinemas ? If you live in Tamil Nadu, you pretty much would be familiar with the name. PVR recently announced that its acquiring SPI cinemas for an whopping 850 crore cash cum stock deal. What’s in it ?

Movie in Chennai ? My first choice is always SPI cinemas before any other. And that’s not a blind decision. There are hundreds of people just like me who would prefer SPI before other movie theatres and there is a reason for that. For me, watching movie is not only about the story or the actors in it. It’s a complete package from quality of screens to mere experience of visiting the theatre matters. And SPI checks in every box for me. Starting from the checking before entering the screens to the perfect picture and audio quality that it has to offer.

SPI has been an pioneer in case of technology. It’s the first screen to adopt Dolby Atmos sound in the country. The only multiplex to use RDX technology on its screens for projection. Premier leather cushion seats. And they give all these at the lowest price in the state. Rules apart,they offer feature that’s far more than other multiplexes. Recently opened PVR’s Grand Galada is still at 1080p projections while SPI adopted for 4K screens years ago.

It’s should have been the first theatre to open IMAX screens in Chennai while no other multiplexes were willing to construct one.(Luxe was owned by SPI initially after which was purchased by Jazz). And when other theatres were billing 600’s for IMAX tickets, SPI pushed the envelope further and reduced the cost of IMAX tickets to RS.300. This is the cheapest IMAX care in the entire country. This shows the commitment the company has in providing low cost premier movie experience.

Food. SPI has one one of the best pop corn. No comparisons. It’s the cheapest food that you can get in an multiplex and is also the tastiest. It’s the first theatre that I have ever seen to have drinking water in its premises. And the first to provide free power banks if you are running low on charge during a movie.

SPI’s commitment to customer satisfaction is what is love about them so much. Instant feedbacks using WhatsApp. Is the AC level low ? Just a message and the problem is solved. One time I spilled coke near the counter by mistake and the workers were kind enough to fill it back for me even though it’s my mistake that I spilled it.

And coming to sale of SPI to PVR. I honestly want SPI to retain the value that I had all these years. And I am one of them who believes that PVR is going to spoil the entire movie going experience in Chennai. SPI’s the best and I really want it to continue. I am just not comfortable in leaving something that I loved so much all these years. CEO of SPI recently tweeted that SPI core team would continue to lead and the core values would remain the same. I sincerely hope that this would not be another Nokia story. 

SPI CEO’s statement

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